A brief introduction; 

Shaffie Weru

Most of us don't know who Shaffie Weru is. All we know is that he is a radio presenter, who likes heated argument on air with her counterpart Kalekye Mumo. Besides that, all we hear stories about him in newspaper pull-outs on the drama he causes, at various parties and events. I guess its a high time we got to know Shaffie Weru better.

Huddah Monroe

Most of us don't know about Huddahmonroe either! To be honest, I only got to know about her on twitter. She is trying to protray herself as a bad-ass bitch on twitter. Have you seen her trying to twerk? You should see her trying to dance here.

On flashing b0obs
shaffie weru huddah monroe

Whatever went up Huddahs' head, we don't know. Some say its too much labina, but do we say!

Her real name is Alhuddah. Not a bad name if you ask me. Word has it that she is Somalian, but wait! I haven't told you her second name.....
Njoroge. Njoroge is her second name. What kind of a faked up name is that?

So Alhuddah Njoroge is her real name. A cross breed of a Somali and a Kikuyu. You already know what Somalis are famed for. They kidnap people, and ask for lots of ransom money. They kill people too. Kikuyus are not better in any way either. They are money hungry and will do anything to get money, and that includes stealing votes....

Before you get angry, lets talk about Huddah. She is the bitch here, focus! She does anything for attention. I would put her naked pictures here, but ad-sense will stop paying me. I need money too, but am not greedy.

So a cross breed of Somali and Kikuyu is something worse than the serpent herself. Just Google and you will see her pictures. Pictures taken after sleeping with literally everyone. From Akon, Prezzo, William Ruto... the list is endless.

Before I finish writing this post, I recommend you see the twitter fight she had with, Veebaiby, very awesome. It was an exciting cat-fight indeed. I love it when people with false egos rip each other's false ego down. And by the way, it is awsome how Veebaiby dropped her infront of BBA judges, but was not chosen to go to BBA! Uchungu maze. Ni kama drama ni kama VEEndio. lol

Now that Huddah will be flashing her boobies all over Africa, let her do it! As a matter of fact, we don't really care. We will simply download it and show it to her momma. And thus we will all have a happy ending.

What do you think about Huddah's behaviour?